Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Shrug with a Twist

This is a quick knit pullover shrug. You can custom size this for almost everyone, and the garter stitch makes for a stretchy fit. The only tricky bit is the twist on the front piece, and I will try to walk you through that! The whole thing is knit in one piece, so you will only sew under the arm and short side seams!

take a moment and do some math (I know this is supposed to be easy, but trust me). Your chest measurement: divide by 2. This is the magic number.
Mine is 38", so 19 is the goal for the body width. Take off 7 for the neck opening, and the rest (12 divided by 2) is for the right and left sides. Write this down: 6 + 7 + 6 = 19 *** YOUR MATH NUMBERS!*** You will knit 6 straight, divide front and back and twist the front for 7, then rejoin and knit 6 straight before finishing the sleeve! Don't worry, I'll walk you through it!

Yarn: Artful yarns, Heavenly. 5 skeins (50 grams, 95 yards) You could substitute a worsted weight yarn that knits on 5mm (US8) and has the approximate gauge.
Gauge: 12 sts = 4 inches in garter stitch (knit every row) You want a loose, open knit, nothing too stiff for this project! Bigger needles may be best if too stiff.
Needles: 5mm (US8) I used long circulars worked without joining, as there were a lot of stitches on the needle, but straights could be used.
Stitch holders (or thread stitches on contrast yarn to work later)
Size of mine: 38 inch at chest (loose fitting ) but you can do your OWN size by working the numbers (see above) and plugging them in when I say below!
This shrug is worked from one sleeve to the other, sideways.
Right sleeve: cast on 40 stitches. Work, knitting every row for 1 inch.
*put a big safety pin or other marker on the right side of the sleeve, to establish right side from wrong side... it will be hard to tell with garter stitch*
Increase ONE stitch at the start of next FORTY rows (you will have 80 stitches on the needle now).
Cast on TEN stitches at the start of the next two rows. (100 stitches on needle).
BODY: Work straight, knitting every row for 6 inches *** or the first of the math numbers above*** end with right side facing you for the next row!
Knit 50 stitches. Place these on a big stitch holder. Continue on the back only 50 stitches, knit until that piece measure 7 inches from start of back only. Finish with right side facing for next row. Place these 50 sts on a holder.

Place the front 50 on needles, and beginning with wrong side (at neck edge) cast off 10 stitches. Work the 40 remaining knitting every row for 8 inches (I know this is longer than the back but when you twist it, the front will shorten a bit) STOP AT THE END OF A RIGHT SIDE ROW. (obviously important as I did that in capitals). Laying the whole project on a table, you will notice that the last stitch you just worked is at the neck side. Take the needle and flip it so that the last stitch is now at the bottom edge of your work. One big twist is in the middle of the front now! Consider this new position the right side of the front, and knit up the 40 stitches. DON"T TURN.... Cast ON 10 more stitches (for the left neck opening), and knit straight across the back stitches (take them off the holder and put back on a needles). (you have 100 sts again)
Continue to knit straight for 6 inches ** or your third math number from above**
Left sleeve: Cast off 10 stitches as start of next two rows.
Decrease one stitch at start of next 40 rows (back to 40 sts again)
Knit straight for one inch then cast off.

Sew under sleeve and small side seams. Sew in ends.


My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Thank you for taking all the time this took to post these instructions, etc.
Now, I ONLY I could find the time to make use of your labor of love.
Will save it in MY Favorites or a Folder ....maybe for...someday down the road.

Campfire said...

I have been looking through all my downloaded patterns for a waistcoat like a waterfall with pockets, that seemed to be knitted all in one with the back higher than the front/sides. I feel sure it was in your blog but can't find it.

Have you any idea please. I do like this shrug but am not sure if I could do it.

chris said...

Not sure exactly what you are describing, but doesn't sound like one of mine...
This twist shrug is really easy and fast, but does not drape down, just across.

Campfire said...

I think I have since found it and it was like a rectangle with holes for arms. I save these things and then forget what files I save them to.

I have some Noro Silk Mountain which is a boucle yarn which I don't like knitting but I think might look ok in this twisted shrug. Have printed off the pattern and hope I might be able to do it. Does it make the bust look big, I am around 32 F cup size. Doesn't look big on you but you might be smaller than I.

chris said...

Silk Mountain may be a bit chunky for this pattern and add too much "bulk' to the front twist.... The rectangle shrug with no front may be a better choice for that yarn.
You want a yarn that is DK weight and loosely knit on 5mm needles, so that the front is drapey, not bulky...

Anonymous said...

It's is such a cute sweater.... Thank you for the instructions on how to make it bigger. Any recommendations for adjusting sleeve size? I think I'd need to make the sleeve a bit bigger, but I'm not sure how to calculate it.

Anonymous said...

Please could you check the language
before printing these comments,
thank you.
We hear enough of the vernacular without seeing it on our "genteel" websites for knitting. Keep it ladylike! Some of us are not young so I will guess the letters below.


Patty said...

This is a beautiful pattern, and you have laid it out with such care and detail. I've been wanting to knit a shrug to wear in the summer. It looks like this is the one! Thank you for the free pattern.

chris said...

The sleeve is quite wide (not really much of a "sleeve" but you could start with 50 stitches, and still do all the increases and decreases to get back to the 50 sts at the end. This would also make the shrug a bit longer (vertically) on the body.

Alessandra Lace said...

lovely pattern, thank you for sharing. hugs Alessandra from Italy

nadir said...

gostaria da tradução PORTUGUES É BELO....

Suzan J. said...

Looking forward to knitting this shrug. I'm always looking for something to cover my shoulders that is not a full sweater. I like your detailed instructions too.

Anonymous said...

I am a beginner and I know this says easy, but I am stuck
Hope you can help
I knitted the 7" body and put in holder
Now I am putting the front stitches back on needle and stuck here with casting off the 10
Is this in the middle of the 100 stitches
Or the edge which is 6"
I am totally confused at this point
Thank you

chris said...

The 10 cast off sts are at the neck opening, which is in the middle of the whole piece. Remember you are knitting the piece from sleeve through the centre (neck opening in the middle) and back to the other sleeve.
Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

Beginner still confused
Where do I get the yarn to cast off the 10 sts
I left yarn on Back 50 sts
Do I start with a new piece of yarn
So to be daft

chris said...

Yes, you join new yarn, then cast off the neck, and continue on the front half.
It will work out.

Anonymous said...

Hi... I love the look of this pattern. I'm at the twist and I'm stuck. I'm using a circular needle and twisting it to the bottom but don't know what the bottom is and no matter where I put it, it doesn't create a twist. Help!

chris said...

I have updated the blog pattern with five hand drawn sketches of how your piece should look while knitting through the body AND how to twist the front.
Make sure you are knitting from the right sleeve side, and that the back is done, and on a holder, then work the front to the twist spot.
Lie flat and match the drawings.
Hope that helps.

Annette Bowes said...

Hi Chris

Just found your blog via a knitting newsletter, love the shrug and had a great time looking through your blog, looking forward to trying out some of your patterns, take care:)

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog looking for waistcoat (vest) patterns. Some lovely ideas Chris, I will try the twist shrug as your instructions very clear. many thanks

Jill Tolbert said...

I did it! I love it! I made mine with a sport weight yarn and long sleeves. Now on to another one with a lighter weight and bigger needles.

Anonymous said...

Love this pattern. I have been looking for a shrug that doesn't bind me up or over-emphasize my chest. Can't wait to try it. Love the möbius element! Thank you for your work in the design,

Shiaoling on the go... said...

I just finished this pattern. What a pleasure to knot. I had this wonderful yarn I purchased at a spinners festival. I was unsure of the yardage but thought perhaps I would have enough. Fun & smart pattern instructions! I will make another for a gift I'm sure!!!

Shiaoling on the go... said...

I would be happy to post a photo of my finished shrug but don't know how to upload a photo on this?

chris said...

I would LOVE to have a photo of your shrug! You can attach it to my email (address above on right) and I will load it up to this page. I wish more knitters would send me photos of the finished sweaters.
Cheers, Chris

Anonymous said...

I love this pattern, especially how you added instructions to adjust the size. As a plus size knitter/crocheter, it can be hard to find patterns I like that are flattering and fit my size. I will definitely make this soon!

Chris Apao said...

Thank you for posting this! I am a crocheter and will be transfiguring this into a crochet pattern. It is the perfect shrug for me in the winter. It will keep me crocheting all winter long nice and cozy like.

I have the perfect soft yarn for this.

Chrystal Kay

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog and this great shrug. I have some sport weight yarn, do you think this would work with sport weight. Also what needle size would you suggest if sport weight could be used. Love your patterns.

chrisknitsinniagara said...

Hi Judy, if you can find a yarn that knits to 12 sts = 4 inches, after blocking.... it will work.
Definitely knit a swatch (at least 24 sts wide, and 7 inches long) then block and measure... try 7 - 8 mm needles?

Pat Hoppe said...

I was hesitant but just as Chris says "I'll walk you thorough it" and it is definitely doable. I was making a second one and some 30+ year olds were going through a hard time with a family illness. I was knitting as we nursed our dear one. I was amazed as how much they both liked it. They each got one. :-) I did figure out how to change yarn on the front flap right in the middle and that added a lovely flair to the piece.

Anonymous said...

Knitted this for my 11 year old graddaughter but the twist looks all wrong and even though I followed the diagram it seems to be on the wrong side. She has not tried it on yet as she lives down south, but it looks a bit odd!
I tried to paste a photo in but it wont let me. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks

chris said...

My email address is on the right, just below the printing instructions. Send a photo there, and I will try to help.
The twist is a full turn and makes for a bulky front if you are not using soft yarn. Maybe after washing it may drape better? It should be just one turn. The "wrong" side is impossible since the fabric has the same pattern on both sides, so I assume maybe you cast on after the twist at the wrong end? Please send photo.

Anonymous said...

Chris, thank you so much for this pattern. I want to stop what I am doing at the moment and start on this, but will have to wait until I find the right yarn (Artyarns is a bit out of budget at the moment). I am thinking doubling up stash worsted yarn to make it bulky to use as a trial piece for quick results so that when I start the 'real' piece I will know what I am doing. I have admired your other patterns for a while now, and this one seems so clear that it will probably spur me on to action. Newbies who stick with this pattern should learn a lot. I would suggest to them that they take this pattern to an actual yarn store (not a craft store) to buy some relatively inexpensive yarn there. That way, the yarn store personnel will likely help them out at some of the confusing stages. That way it is a win/win for everyone. I would think. Or would it compromise your control over your patterns? Thank you again, Chris, for your generosity with these patterns. Chloe

chris said...

Hi Chloe, Your suggestion of using local yarn shop to find yarn and help with the pattern is exactly what I suggest for everyone! Yarn shops are a wonderful source of expert help and yarn substitutions. Make sure any yarn has a bit of soft drape to it, to allow the fold to remain soft. Swatch your yarn!
Cheers, Chris

robyn m said...

Hi Chris, I found this pattern about 2 years ago? and tried 3 times but got really messed up at the twist, so I put it away thinking I'd Try Again another day. I just found your updated pattern with the drawings - - I think this will make a world of difference to my understanding of the pattern, and I thank you very much for updating your pattern with the diagrams.

Mrs. M. said...

I really like the style of this little top, but the instructions (math!) are just too complicated. I knit for relaxation and unfortunately this just stresses me. But, thanks anyways for those who do gave the patience. I'll go the old-fashioned route with a given number if stitches for specific sizes.

Prabha Chakravarthy said...

Chrystal Kay/ Chris Apao said she was converting this pattern into a crochet piece - I am a crocheter and would love to do this in crochet - love your deisgn and would love to get instructions for a crocheted shrug like this

thanks, Prabha

chris said...

If anyone out there has converted this to a crochet pattern and would like to share it.... there may be others who would love to see it too!
I am not much of a crochet pattern writer, although I have done a bit of crochet work.
Cheers, Chris

Mauserati Meowzebub said...

howdy Chris - this looks a treat. but I'm not good at imagining in 3-space so wondering if you could help. I'd prefer 3/4 sleeves, so which do you think would be better: knitting the 40 sts for a few inches? OR just 1" but then, increasing more gradually to the body?
In any case, I like the project & the drawings. thanks for sharing & Happy New Year.

chris said...

Hi Mauserati. I would add 3-4 more inches on the "cuff" to make more of s sleeve. A longer tapering would create a huge bat wing. Too bulky on my opinion. It would look really nice with more sleeve.
Cheers, Chris

Veena Padmanabhan said...

Hi Chris,

I stumbled upon your blog and enjoyed trying out this pattern. The pictures helped a lot as did your instructions. I feel the twist perhaps was not complete but it still looks ok. Will now experiment with some of your other patterns.


Diane Falk said...

Well. Poop. I printed out this wonderful pattern quite a while ago, and have just recently had time to do it. Dammit. I'm an idiot. I did the original twist just fine....no problem. Did the 7" thing, etc, etc....and then.....Poop. I finished knitting it yesterday, and tried to put it together. Seems like I just couldn't make it do it, so put it down for the night (give my brain a little time to adjust)and realized in the middle of the night what I'd done wrong. When I went to put the 50 stitches back on the needle, I think I double twisted it. I mean, I did the first twist, and then it was twisted when I put it back on the needle to finish it. Poop. So....since I'm going to wear it in my recliner anyway....wth! You might mention this in your directions....I feel like an idiot, but then, I knit because I love to....regardless of the result. xoxoxoxox I think I'm going to do the pattern again anyway....for my step-daughter. Oh....one more thing. When you (or any pattern, for that matter) say "use this yarn"...I usually use what I think will look good. Could you, for the benefit of idiots like me, put the SIZE NUMBER of the yarn in the pattern? Like "use #4 yarn"....or #6 or whatever? It would make my life a LOT easier!! Unless you can tell me how to know what gauge the yarn you're using is....? xoxoxoxox Thanks!

chris said...

I am not sure why the twist went wrong. The photos show how to do it, and you should not have to "put them back on the needle"....

As for size NUMBER of yarn... I do not know of any standard number system. The only way to check a substitute yarn is to knit the swatch, and measure the gauge. It is the ONLY WAY! I have substituted yarns my whole (long) life. I always knit a swatch, even if I use the yarn suggested, as I may knit tighter or more loose than the sample knitter. So, even the exact yarn may knit differently in the hands of a different knitter.

In this pattern, I have used a larger needle and created a looser gauge than the ballband on the yarn would suggest. I do that on purpose (and explained that in the gauge instructions) so that the yarn is very loose and drapes well to allow the twist to drape close to the body.

Thanks for the comment. Others reading this before trying the pattern may understand where the pattern is going.

And I love your comment on how you are going to wear it anyway! You don't know how many of my sweaters were imagined to be something and delightfully became something else due to an error or wrong choice of yarn etc. It is the creative process and sometimes an error becomes a favourite finished item.

Cheers Chris

yarnwhore said...

LOVE this pattern. Did my first in Noro Hanabatake #06 and am thinking of doing another in Knitpicks Gallerie Psychedelic. Or some Chroma I have around. Doesn't use much yarn, either! Thanks for posting it!

chris said...

Envious! The Noro sounds perfect for this!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,

I would like to make this but not sure about the sizing, My bust size is 38" but my chest size is 44" so I'm not sure the number to use, plus can this be made in DK as well as Aran yarn. I'm new to knitting so I need any and all help going.
many thanks xx

chris said...

Hi there. You should make it to fit the larger body measurement. As far as the yarn, you need to do a swatch in the yarn you want to use, block it and dry, then measure the gauge. If you get a match to the gauge, you are good. Google how to get gauge in knitting if you are unsure. Always, fitting problems are due to incorrect gauge. Always swatch!

Hope that helps, Chris

Aingeal Stone said...

Nice, I just finished my twisted shrug.

Rose Glad said...

I'm using US8 like it says here, but the ravelry page says to use US10.5 so now I'm doubting how long this is going to take, and if it will be too dense of fabric. Can you give me any insight?

chris said...

Hi Rose. My pattern says US 8, but you can use whatever knitting needles you need to reach the correct gauge... Always make a swatch, and block it and measure it.
I don't know why Ravelry says a different needle. I did not add this pattern to the site.