Saturday, January 10, 2009

Finger Puppet Kitties

So here is the final version of Kitty Puppets.

They are the mates to the Finger Puppies and the Poppets, and you can mix and match!
These are really easy and use scraps of worsted weight yarns and sock yarn for the embroidered details. Knit on 4mm needles (US 6), use Orange or white or grey for body and cream colour for face. I used black sock yarn for eyes and rose sock yarn for nose and mouth line.
Cast on 10 in body colour... Knit 4 rows (garter stitch: Knit every row). Stocking Stitch next 2rows (Knit right side, Purl wrong side). Next row: Knit 3, Knit in the front and back of the next stitch (one increase), K2, Knit in the front and back of the next stitch (another increse), K3. Work for 3 more rows in stocking stitch, then cast off the next row. WAIT to sew up until all embroidery is done.
Muzzle: with cream colour, Cast on 3. Knit row one, purl row two, cast off all stitches. Leave 8 inches of yarn to sew up. Use the tail to sew around the face in position in the middle of head (see photo). Using eye colour, make french knot eyes in the upper part of the face. Using the rose, place 2 horizonal lines for nose, and one vertical line from nose to bottom of face. Securely fasten the ends of the embroidery on the inside of the kitty. To make the ears center the back seam behind the cat and sew the top of the head in a flat seam from right to left, leaving points (corners) that will look like ears. A little tug at the tips to pull them up will also help. Now you can stitch up the back opening, and sew in all the ends of yarns.


Anonymous said...

Your finger puppets for kids in hospital are such a wonderful idea--so quick and cute! I am going to make some up for our hospital. Thank you so much for the patterns. Cheers, Wendy

jacqsierae said...

Cute! ty for sharing