Sunday, August 9, 2009

Handspun Laceweight Scarf

Here is a simple fashion scarf, using laceweight yarn. The yarn I use here is a handspun by Tabi Ferguson from the Roving Spinners. It is 30% silk, 37% alpaca and 33% mohair, hand spun with 2 plys, AND tiny glass seed beads threaded as it is woven. Such a work of art, I had to find something worthy to knit. I suppliment the yarn with Berroco, Glace, a rayon ribbon yarn, that is the same colour, to add stability to the scarf (keeps it from curling into a thin rope.)
Yarn: 350 meters of lace weight yarn, and one 50 gram skein of ribbon.
Needles: 4mm (6US)
Cast on 30 stitches with Ribbon yarn. Rib (K1, P1) for 2 rows.
Break off ribbon, and join lace yarn. *Knit 6 rows. Row 7: [Knit 1, Yarn Over] repeat brackets until last stitch, knit 1. Row 8: Knit the stitches, and DROP all the yarn overs. Row 9-14, Knit every row. Row 15 & 16: repeat rows 7 & 8. Rows 1717 - 22: Knit every row.*
Ribbon Rows: attach ribbon yarn (don't bread the lace yarn - just carry it up the side) Knit 2 rows with ribbon, then cut 4" tail (woven in later), and resume with lace yarn. Repeat the whole block of 22 rows from * to * above.
Continue to do 2 rows of ribbon, between 22 rows of lace weight, until length of scarf is perfect (mine is 9 feet long). Finish with 2 rows of K1, P1 ribbing in the Ribbon Yarn instead of the 2 rows of knit, and cast off the ribbon yarn. Sew in all the ends, dampen and block.

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crazycrafter said...

WOW! Is this ever a gorgeous scarf! You do gorgeous work! Thanks for your blog,
Hannah, age 12