Saturday, January 26, 2008

Big Checkerboard Scarf

Beautiful, Big, Checker-board Scarf.

This came to be, when I found 6 fuzzy balls of yarn in a clearance bin at Cloth and Clay along with matching silky ribbon yarn. The whole 7 balls came in at less than $25, and the resulting scarf is luxurious. The pattern is not too obvious, but allows front and back to be the same, and shows a bit of texture.

Yarn: Substitute yarns currently available: Patons Divine, your choice of colour, and coordinating ribbon yarn (from stash) or clearance bins! Elann has a Ribbon yarn, Victoria, Stacy Charles that would work.

Needles: 7.0 mm staight needles, crochet hook for fringe.
Gauge: 10 sts and 14 rows = 4 inches.
Finished measurements: 12 inches wide and approx 7 feet long (plus fringe).

Checkerboard pattern: Cast on 30 sts.

Row 1: K10, P10, K10
Row 2: P10, K10, P10
repeat these 2 rows until 14 rows have been completed.
Row 15 (right side): P10, K10, P10
Row 16: K10, P10, K10
repeat these 2 rows until 14 rows in this section are done.

Starting again with row 1, work these 28 rows repeating until last ball of yarn is almost done, or desired length of scarf is completed. Cast off 30 sts.

Using crochet hook attach fringe as follows. Use a book to wrap ribbon yarn to create approximately 20 inch lengths. Hold 3 strands and fold in half, thread through edge of scarf with crochet hook, and pull ends through loop, then pull tight to secure. Place evenly across each end of scarf. Make as thick as you want.

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