Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Post Yarn Packages.... woo hoo.

Yarn from Elann! I found the deal for Color Baby by Stampato, 100% merino from Australia, spun and dyed in italy, too irresistable! The 10 bag set was less than $30, so I ordered the green multi and the custard colours. (so greedy, I know, but it's MERINO. You understand.)

And the yarn from Ram Wool came too. The Fleece Artist Somoko (sock yarn) in cedar....


Almost done the cable cardigan (finally) and will reveal photo after the blocking. The Color Baby has been swatched and plans started, and the Somoko has been wound into a ball and the socks begun, so lots on the needles right now. Meanwhile, I have added Yoga to my weekly workout routine (2 step classes and 1 or 2 general cardio/weight sessions.)... I find some of it easy, woohoo downward dog and warrior, but some very difficult, side plank and dancers pose. Will keep at it though, it is different from the same old same old....

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