Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Kitty Puppet Creation.....

Challenged to create a kitty finger puppet to go with my finger puppy, I spent some time working out the design. The process is interesting to see, as it usually involves many attempts and rejections before the pattern is ready.

here are the four attempts today.

The first is rejected because, well, it just looks like a sad little rabbit (OH! Soon to follow, good rabbit pattern!)

The second is a bit more kitty like, but the face is too longish..

The third, I like a lot better. Clean lines and kitty face, this one is close.

The fourth, I tried a fuzzy calico colour yarn, a bit more bulky, and it's not too bad. She's a bit fatter, and the shape is ok, but maybe the face is a bit lost on the darker yarn...

I will attempt a few more until I really like it and then post it here.

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