Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sisters are the Best.

This came in the mail yesterday... My sister is lucky enough to live in Winnipeg (I know, this sounds weird, what with the long cold winters and the short mosquito summers) but she lives in the land of Ram Wools! She was able to pop in to their local pre-internet sale days in early January and scoffed up some Colinette treasures for herself and for me! This is Chrysalis, a cotton ribbony confection, hand dyed in the sunrise colourway... roses, grays, hint of yellow and mint. Mmmm. She also got herself the yarn in plums, and wants me to design a pattern for us both.
The newest pullover has begun, in the Color Baby yarn (still available as of this posting day, and SUCH a nice yarn...recommended!) from Elann. I have started this one with a big wandering cable ribbing pattern... not difficult, but designed to add elasticity to the lower body, creating a more fitted silhouette. The Cabled Cardigan is now finished and blocked and I will be finding buttons today. It should be photo-ready by tomorrow.

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