Saturday, January 17, 2009

Knitting update...

The new cabled cardigan is coming along well, and I only have a few inches of second sleeve to go, before the dramatic yolk design, not yet quite worked out in my head, much less on paper, but we cross that cable when we reach it, eh?
The second project on the go is the new yarn Arabesque from Elann, in four colours, that I am randomly blocking about the back of a chunky pullover. I knit this one when I am too tired to concentrate on the busy cables of the cardigan. The blocks are easy and the knitting just stocking stitch. The yarn is chunky enough to go up quickly too.
This sweater is using the same shape and measurements that I used for the Noro Blossom Turtleneck and will probably look and fit the same, just the colour blocks are different. It will show how different yarn and different colour placements can make a totally different sweater with the same basic pattern!

I managed to catch a deal at the once a year clearout at Ram Wool. It was Tuesday and Wednesday only, and I scooped up a new Fleece Artist sock yarn in multi-greens, as well as some addi's for 30% off. The yarn is sold out as of today (sorry for my greed) but I will show you how it looks when it arrives, so you can covet it yourself, and find a sale in the (hopefully) near future.

and lastly, as an update, here are a couple of photos of my home, the hardwood project is well underway, and the dining room is finished, with the furniture back (shoved aside), and the boxes of hardwood in the middle. The living room is prepped and ready to start the boards. I LOVE this wood.

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