Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday and Knitting...

Had a fabulous weekend away. We were in Chautauqua for golf and sightseeing. Golf was Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday mornings, and if it weren't for the rain on Saturday, it was perfect. We played through the rain, parking under trees and umbrellas when the rain was too hard, and I played surprisingly well despite the soggy conditions. I even managed a rare birdy on a par three, hitting the 7 iron into the bunker and the second shot high with the sand wedge, way up, and landing straight in the hole, no bounce! I have never done that, much less witnessed it and the group all cheered. wow.

While away I started a simple, stocking stitch shrug. The pattern is from Prima and available free here. I am using some stash Rowan Cashsoft DK, that I bought on sale but did not like the colour (a really DUSTY rose). I dyed it to burgundy and denim a few months ago and was waiting to find the right project for it. This cropped cardigan will be great for the airconditioning of the office, and will work over tank tops.

The hotel we stayed at happened to be the meeting place for a convoy of Model T cars... we arrived to find the parking lot FULL of these! There were about 40 cars and all the owners were meeting there and starting a long vacation together, touring around New York state together and staying at different towns every night! What a sight to see, and the sound of them starting up in the morning, ruh, ruh, ruh, putter, putter, putter, rumble... with the struggle of the engine and the cool horns to announce the start of the parade.

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