Sunday, May 10, 2009

New Projects

I kick started a project for Susan. The Habu stainless steel scarf is made from a spool of fine steel wrapped in fine silk, and also a spool of fine merino. The steel only is knit for 6 inches to start the scarf and this yarn on 3mm needles is VERY difficult to work with until you get a few inches under you. The yarn (of course) does not behave like regular fibers, and is stiff (duh) and does not stretch to accept your needle. So each stitch is a battle. Once you get a few inches, you can tug it straight after each row, thus separating the stitches so you can see them and opening the holes so you can place your needle. Since I managed to get one made last year, I told Susan I would start it for her and get it to the point where it is on bigger needles and using both yarns held together (both of which makes it marginally easier to handle)....
The other new project is a lovely butter yellow Superwash Merino cable sweater. Knit on 3.5mm needles it will be a big project, but hopefully a timeless classic that I will wear for a long time.

I have taken on the care and feeding of my daughters turtles. They are 9" and 8" in size and over 5 years old. Logan and Superfly live in a 60 gallon tank and just love when you visit them... they try to climb right through the glass in excitement.

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Anonymous said...

Where do you get your energy? Do you take super vitamins or something ? I so admire your creativity and motivation.

Chris in Scota