Sunday, September 27, 2009

Laundry, Cleaning and Knitting

The Basketweave Noro is almost done. The second sleeve needs the side moss stitch and to be stitched on, and the bottom needs a pick up and rib for about an inch to finish the whole thing... looks nice!

So as it is almost done, here is the first sketch for the Cash Island Noro yarn that I also snagged at the Knitter's Fair....

It will be a capped sleeve vest, with buttons up to a full turtle neck, but should also be a wide shawl collar if only buttoned partially or left open. Just in the early planning stages now, and I need a swatch to get the gauge and size right. I think a few cables will run up the sides of the front pieces and maybe over the whole back. Not sure yet.

We have tickets for the Buffalo Bills game today. The New Orleans Saints are coming to town, and I don't remember them ever being here, so this should be fun to see. I did see the Saints play the Bills once, but it was in New Orleans many years ago (before Catrina) and we did Bourbon Street and ate Blackened Catfish (mmmm) just like real tourists! That was the first place I had Jello Shots! I have since mastered the making of said shots, one of the only things I enjoy "cooking".

Go Bills!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful sweater, love the colours.