Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Knitting Groups

Returning from my weekly knitting night, I have to pause to reflect on what it means to me. What my knitting friends mean to me. We usually meet at the club, and after a nice dinner, retire to the Ladies Lounge for decaf and knitting and chatting. Most weeks we pry ourselves off the comfy couches to make our way home, at an hour when all the other club members are gone and the staff are making cleaning up and closing down noises.
Tonight it was different. Due to a tournament at our club, the dining room was to be occupied and we would likely be pushed outside or downstairs right away, and food service would probably suffer. We were pro-active and arranged a pot-luck at Jane's house. We arrived at our usual 6pm with appetisers, salads, breads, veggies and salmon in baskets and tupperwares. Jane had some lovely wine and we sat down to linger over the huge spread of goodies. The talking was animated and ideas and stories flew around the room. The food was very good and plentiful and we finished with rhubarb pie and decaf on Jane's deck.
It was about 9:45 when we all realised.... none of us were knitting. We just talked and laughed and had such a great time.
This group of ladies, these friends of mine, showed me that it is only a very small bit about knitting and a very large bit about friendship. We are so lucky that knitting brought us together and sharing our lives keeps us together. Everyone needs friends like that!
We are truly a close-knit group... and I thank them all for a wonderful evening.

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