Sunday, November 14, 2010

Giant Slippers + magic = Perfect Slippers!

I finished the to-be-felted slippers this morning, and took this photo...

The Slipper next to it is a perfect size 8.5 ladies moccasin that I have been wearing for about 15 years. It is really a leap of faith to continue knitting something so mammothly huge, and believe that would EVER be a prefect fit.
Then I washed them. Hot full cycle, twice, in the washing machine and I actually was concerned that they became TOO small. But as suggested, I put a plastic bag on each foot, and molded the still damp slippers over my feet. I stretched them out a bit and molded them to a better foot shape, then left them to dry.....
They are SO cute and SO thick... I am sure they will be really warm and comfy. I have some ultra suede fabric that I think I will hand sew as a non-slip layer on the bottom of the sole. They are a bit slippery on the hardwood floor. The pattern is Fiber Trends Alpine Boot Slippers.

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