Sunday, February 6, 2011

I felt like making tea...

The new cashmere sweater has started. Photo of yarn in the simple eyelet stripe pattern is here...

It will be a large tunic style sweater, knit on 4mm needles, so should keep me busy for a few weeks. Meanwhile I have a lovely mystery sweater to publish in a week or so. I cannot print photos yet, as sister must be the first to see it in person (birthday present!).

My fascination with felting has carried me to try a tea cosy. And not just a plain tea cosy (that would NOT do!). This one was designed in one continuous piece(no side seams) in a technique involving a resist shape laid in between the two sides of the cosy, and the roving wrapped around all edges except the bottom opening...
I had to design the plastic resist in the shape of the pre-folded, pre-shrunken felt that I wanted.

It was a first attempt and I think it turned out pretty good. The shrinking was very aggressive, to achieve a really sturdy fabric.

While it was still wet after shrinking, I molded the folded ridges, and pinned them where I wanted them to be. I dried the cover on the tea pot so that it would be a perfect fit.

I also made several blue wool balls and brown wool spikes to add after drying. Another piece of felt was prepared for the spout detail.
These I added with needle felting and a bit of hand stitching.

Anyone for a cuppa' ?

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