Sunday, March 20, 2011

Green Sweater and Green Bird

Last weekend we bird-sat for our daughter and her husband. Cosmo was so much fun, alternating between yelling at us for leaving him alone, and running up our arms to play on our shoulders. He like my husband best, because he is the tallest tree in the house, and eagerly hopped from my shoulder to his as he walked by. I had some fun playing soccer with him, as he likes to push a small ball around with his beak and feet, and watch as I picked it up from the floor after he knocked it over the edge....
The newest project is a cotton cardigan, hip long and a bit loose, in an eyelet stripe pattern that is very easy. The yarn is Elann's Sonata in tarragon.

I also have a new felted item to show..
a little felted bag, done in one piece with a resist in the center. After felting, but before fulling (shrinking) the handles were cut and the upper flaps were created. One flap was turned inside the bag and needle felted to make a pocket inside, the other flap closes the bag. A snap and pin were sewn on and the handles were stitched into a tube shape.
I think I will be making more of these. It is so cute and fun to make.

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