Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lots of Jackets!

I have been sewing up a storm. For any of you who pop over to my sewing blog, you will already know that I have been making suits for my sister. I also made the fabulous CAPE for her (yes, she knows she is very special to me!). The deal is that I make the suits, and she will fly me in for fittings! (She lives in Winnipeg and I am in southern Ontario!) I will be travelling this weekend and we will do the fittings and shop for yarn and eat turkey (it is Thanksgiving in Canada). This is one of the suit jackets, but you can see them all HERE if you scroll down.

The other jacket I want to show you is a mohair multi-coloured one.... This yarn was purchased by my friend Jane to make shawls, but was TOO chunky and I quickly snapped them up with this coat in mind. Knit on 7mm needles it was a really quick knit and I will post the pattern soon.

It is knit of 4 different colours of self striping mohair from Elann, so it has almost every colour somewhere on the coat. I had some bright red buttons in my stash, and they finish it perfectly.

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