Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fish Hat and Skiing

I have wanted to make this cutie for a while now, and finally squeezed it in between new patterns! My hooded cowl scarf has been such a big hit that most of my knitting group are knitting it and Ruth is making three! They are such a quick knit and they look great with the hood up or down. I have cast on the lace weight mohair in black and am well into the new design sweater (to be patterned right here later), but in between used some of my stashed worsted weight superwash merino to make the fish hat. I wanted it done before my ski trip to Horseshoe Resort north of Barrie. We got really lucky and hit a weekend that offered fresh snow and barely below freezing temperatures. Ideal for me, a beginner skier, who is a whimp in the cold and wind, and hates less than perfect snow on the slopes. (Ice, sticky snow, too thick snow, and too crowded slopes all freak me out!)
I even managed to ski for almost as long as hubby, quitting only an hour before he was done. I sat in the lodge with my knitting, and my fish hat covering my bad hair day for the last hour! Great day.