Saturday, April 14, 2012

Wine and Jelly Beans

OK, this post is not really about wine and jelly beans, although I am consuming exactly that while I write this...
My quick trip to California was fun. I went to celebrate a big birthday for my baby brother. My sister flew in from Winnipeg to be there too. You can imagine the fun we had. We did the redwood forest. Here I am in the burned out cave that is in the trunk of one of the massive redwoods.
My brother got lost in one of the tree trunks....

In San Francisco, we had lunch overlooking the waterfront, and spent an hour laughing at the street performance of "the bush-man". The guy in the red cap hid behind the branches and popped out with a boo, to unsuspecting tourists, making them jump back in fear. Often laughter followed and a crowd gathered to watch the passersby jump! The fellow does a good business judging from the number of tips dropped in his jar over the hour we watched.
Here is my sister and me (in the Tilley hat and Ray Bans) in the classic bridge pose. It was so crowded, we had to lean into a clear spot for the photos! They charge nothing to drive to this side of the bridge, but $6 to cross back. Obviously a high maintenance bridge indeed!
Note, I am wearing a fabulous orange mohair jacket, from many years ago. Knit with Fleece Artists' MO, it stands the test of time.
I am finally getting back to a normal routine and will post the pink sweater pattern tomorrow. In the meantime, I am almost finished another quick knit pattern, and will post that one too on the heals of the pink! Check in tomorrow..... Cheers

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