Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Preview of New Pattern

 Next pattern is coming... a ribbon cowl neck sweater in navy blue!  So classic.  I just finished it and will have to carve a bit of time to plunk down the pattern, but I promise to get to it in a couple of days.
Meanwhile, I am finishing the fourth bridesmaid dress, anticipating a fitting this weekend, and I have lots of other sewing to get to as well.  Golf is back in my life, playing today at 1:30 with the girls!  And we have a guest in the house for a week... meet Cosmo...
He is a green cheeked Conure, and loves to hang out with my hubby.  Here is a close up of him and you can clearly see that he was helping the handyman to paint the garage door! (yes, the beak is normally all grey, not grey and white!)  I hope my daughter forgives us for painting her bird!

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