Thursday, June 14, 2012

More Leaves

The next step is shown here.  I made a felt piece that used several shades of green for the leaves of the Art Project.  I was thinking that some of the leaves will have really dark elements including a reverse side that is dark brown.  I laid the wool fibers from dark to light.

 One half has only light greens.
 Here I am pouring the hot soapy water onto the loose fibers.
 Rubbing and rolling for about 45 minutes, then hot and cold baths for about 30 more minutes.  Then I cut the leaf shapes and laid them on the background.... I think they will really work well!  You can also see the major tree branch that is growing up the project.  It is a four stitch knit, with two yarns, one suede and one boucle. The result is very bark-like!
 Here is the project with the photo of the project in the window.
I have started to embroider the leaves to give more detail, and then I will stitch them into place.  Just the apples left to felt.

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