Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cosy Pebble Wrap

 I like wraps and shawls and ponchos.  They are easy to knit and easy to wear.  And you SHOULD wear them.  Very fashionable and practical, and they fit everyone!  Seed stitch is so user friendly.  It will not curl at any edge, and gives a lovely pebbly texture.  Timeless.

Cozy Pebble Wrap

Yarn:  Worsted Weight yarn, about 800 meters, and works to gauge.  I used Noro Vintage in browns. (8 50 gram balls)
Needles: 4.5 mm (US 7)
Size:    ONE SIZE fits most.
Gauge : 12 sts = 4 inches in seed stitch
Seed Stitch (odd number of stitches)  every row:    K1, P1… across to last stitch, K1
Make 2 rectangles:    Cast on 59 stitches, work in seed stitch for 30 inches.  Cast off all stitches.

Following the drawing, join first seam as pictured, then pull A to A and B to B, and sew all or most of that seam.  I left about 4 inches not sewn at the neck edge to make a fold over collar. (see photos)
Noro yarn , when washed gently in cold and laid flat to dry, gets a bit bigger than the 18 “ by 30”.  It also gets really soft and drapes well, so go ahead and wash it before you wear it!


Jaderenee said...

Hi Chris,
I love your patterns. You have a nice cnversational writing tone also. I don't see a link to get the feed or subscribe to your blog, though, Got one?

chris said...

Hi Jaderenee... I just added the feed to follow (below my email link!)
Thanks for the suggestion. You only make me better :)

Anonymous said...

Would the 4" unsewn be the A ends or the B ends?

chris said...

the 4 inches of "collar" is at the A join.... closest to the neck. The B spot in at the lower edge. Hope that helps! Chris

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Chris! I love this pattern!

Anonymous said...

Yes, that helps. Thank you, Chris! I love the wrap and the pattern!