Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wet Felted Hats

I have spent the last three days making felt hats.  It involves a resist in the center, and working all sides at once.  It is so magical, I had to keep laying roving and fabrics and trying different shapes.  The first one is a purple and black hat with spikes and blue silk nuno-felted onto the surface. There is one off center spiral.

 The second one is green and taupe, with spotty chiffon fabric embedded in the roving, and spikes and a large spiral top with three folds at the top. 

 The close up show the fabric crinkled on the taupe and a button holding the fold up.
 The last is blue and purple, and silk fabric, some embedded (on the purple) and some a bit loose (on the band). Random wrinkles are pinned in the top until the whole hat dries, then the creases stay!

 Close up on the silk fabric wrinkled in the purple felt.
So much fun, but this would be a longer workshop than the scarves.  I can see a bunch of gals having fun with THIS workshop!

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