Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tizzy Bunny

Here she is!  Tizzy bunny is made from an unusual, but inexpensive yarn, bernat tizzy.  You will find it soft, with a million squiggly fingers.  You cannot see the knit stitches AT ALL, and my friends needed to be told several times that, yes, it is a knitting project.
 Two views, one with flash and one with natural light...
 She can only stand if leaning on the pillow, and is 15" tall.
 tiny button tail....

Tizzy Bunny
This cute plushy is SO fast to knit, I started and finished it in about 5 hours (and yes, I am a quick knitter, but still, that was a quick knit!!).  Not for beginners, but still simple enough for knitters that know stocking stitch, increases, decreases, and never drop stitches (this yarn is difficult to see the stitches for pickup!).  It is worked on straight needles and seamed, so you also need to know sewing seams, and hand or machine sewing for the ear lining (felt), and nose, eyes and mouth.  I do not know if it would look as cool in ANY other yarn, so beware switching yarns.

She stands 15" toe to tip of ears.
Yarn: One ball of Bernat Tizzy, white.
Needles:  6mm, (US 8)
Gauge:  9 sts = 4 inches on 6mm needles.  Note this yarn suggests 10 mm (US 15), but by using a smaller needle, you will end up with tighter gauge that will not allow the stuffing to “peak through”. 

Other stuff:  poly stuffing, bits of pink fabric, and blue fabric (tee shirt knits work great), white felt for ear lining, and rose yarn for mouth.  Ribbon for neck decoration.

Body and Head:  (working from bottom of bunny)  Cast on 20 sts.   Wrong side:   Knit this row, increasing 4 evenly across. 
Work in Reverse Stocking Stitch (purl right side, knit wrong side) for 3 “, ending with purl row.
Next row (wrong side) knit row – decreasing 4 evenly across (this in the neck decrease)

Purl next row, then knit next row, decreasing 4 more evenly across.  Purl one more row.   (16 sts on needle)
Increase for head:  Knit 3, Knit front and back (increase), knit 3, knit front and back, knit front and back, knit 3, knit front and back, knit 3.   (20 sts on needle)
Purl one row.
Knit 9, knit front and back, knit front and back, knit 9.   (22 on needles)
Work 3 rows.
Knit 10, knit front and back, knit front and back, knit 10  (24 on needles) – this is the point of the nose-
Purl row
Knit row, decreasing 4 evenly across the row.
Purl row
Knit row, decreasing 4 evenly across the row.  (16 on needle)
Purl row
Knit row, decreasing 4 evenly across row.  (12 on needles)
Cast of all stitches.

Legs:  Cast on 10 sts, work 4 “  in reverse stocking stitch, cast off all sts. (make 2)

Arms: Cast on 8, work 3”, cast off all sts.
Ears: Cast on 6 sts.  Work 2.5 “.  Decrease 1 sts each side on the right side rows, until 2 sts left, then knit 2 together and slip yarn through loop to finish. (should make a bit of a point)
Tail:  Cast on 4. Purl row.  Knit row, increasing 2 in row. Purl row.  Knit row, decrease 2.  Purl row.  Cast off.

Now comes the sewing.  I found that using the Tizzy yarn to sew seams looks great but is super difficult, due to the million fingers catching in the needle.  You could use a matching sport weight yarn that is smooth, to sew up to ease this part.
Sew back seam of body head, leaving opening at the top and bottom.   Stuff lightly the body and head, and sew the bottom seam.   Sew arm and leg seams, closing one end, and lightly stiff the other end (do not stuff too firmly, not as cuddly that way!).   Sew legs and arms to body.
Fold tail into a cute bump, sew around this to the back side of bunny.
Ears: cut felt lining to a size smaller than the ear, and sew in place by machine or hand.  Fold bottom edges to meet in center (see close up of bunny face) and sew ears to the top opening, closing the head opening and securing ears in upright position.  The felt will help hold ears up.
Nose.  I used a bit of pink tee shirt scrap and made a folded rectangle (edges tucked under) and sewed in place with regular thread and needle.  With darning needle and rose sock yarn scrap, I sewed the mouth detail.   
The eyes… you could use buttons if not for a baby or toddler, but mine is for a baby, so I cut a half inch strip of peacock tee shirt fabric, about 15 inches long. Using a large eyed darning needle, I made french knots in the eye position.  To reinforce these eyes, I also used regular needle and thread and sewed them more securedly in place.
Ribbon at neck and you are done!

 Close up of the face, embroider mouth, fabric nose, french knot eyes.


Foxycrafts said...

This is gorgeous. Thank you for the pattern. :-)

jacqsierae said...

Very sweet!

pookie said...

I'm making this adorable bunny...but when doing the body and head it says cast on 20 stitches. Then you increase four stitches evenly on wrong side. After jnitting the three inches, it says to decrease four stitches evenly...leaving 16 stitches. But that leaves 20 stitches...not 16. Therefore...all the next stitch count is incorrect. Am I doing something wrong?

chris said...

Thanks for the error-spotting, Pookie! You got the math right, and I have adjusted the neck decreases to work properly. The head IS supposed to be 4 stitches smaller than the body, so 2 sets of decreases are needed to get to 16. Thanks for the catch on that one. (can I hire you to proof-read all my patterns please) LOL!
Cheers, Chris