Sunday, April 6, 2008

Beading and Netting

I found some really cool beads at Walmart. (sometimes they can surprise me!). Just look at the funky shape, kind of like teeth carved out of pearly gray and black stones. I made a necklace by spacing the teeth between 2 irregular black beads. I made the matching bracelet with elastic thread, and using the few teeth that had 2 sets of holes drilled, top and bottom, and separating by a metalic copper bead from my bead stash. Exciting stuff for $8.

The Mesh Cap sweater has also been completed, and of course it has been modified due to a lack of sufficient yarn, so I left it with just a one inch ribbing edge to the neck, and now I can wear it as a scoop neck or pull it a bit off the shoulder for a more intriquing look... Wearing the new necklace and bracelet in this photo. And LOOK, all the snow is gone outside!! Our golf course opens next week!


MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

y'know, looking back at the original pattern picture, I like it MUCH better the way you chose to finish it.

chris said...

Thanks! Sometimes the yarn dictates how it will turn out, and it can even be better!