Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tuesday Night Knitting...

What a lovely day, hot and sunny on the golf course, and shot a respectable 88. Then dinner and knitting with my posse. I have been very good and continue to work on the projects I have started instead of jumping into 2 or 3 new ones with my recent tent sale purchases! Here is the quilt wrap shawl, about 80% complete... and here is the new cotton, lap blanket or single bedspread or queen size blanket... the end result will depend on how fed up I get with this modern log cabin design!
It is garter stitch and worked in blocks that build from picking up one edge and knitting out from there, really easy and kind of mindless. I can do this while sitting on my backyard deck and reading my ebook. I only pause to press the page turn button. The ebook is great because there is no problem of pages turning in the wind or the book blowing or tilting off my knee! Fabulous.

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