Thursday, September 11, 2008

Kitchener-Waterloo Knitter's Fair

This Saturday is the annual Knitters Fair in KW.... This is a huge event with JUST knitting, and draws vendors from all around Ontario. Check out the list here.

I will be there Saturday afternoon, and spend the rest of the weekend visiting my daughter at her house in Waterloo, where she lives while attending the University of Waterloo (6th year of 7 in the process of becoming a Doctor of Optometry). I will bring the camera and gather names and websites and of course, fabulous yarn bargains while there, so look for a post Sunday night or Monday.

These are the bits of knitting I am working on now. The Peacock Cotton is Esprit from Ram, and has a nice stretch, so I am making a fitted raglan pullover from that, the close up shows the seed stitch rib pattern, but the colour is truer in the larger piece photo.

The other is the Noro Silver thaw cardigan, with seed stitch lower half and stocking stitch upper... Lovely dusty greys and greens.

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