Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cool New Stuff

I decided to sign up for the yarn sample subscription from Elann. They send once a month, 10 yard yarn samples from each of the tuesday special releases, and small snippets of all the colours available. This would allow a swatch to be knit (and played with) before a decision to order the yarn. The cost of this service is minimal AND you get all of that amount back in credits towards future purchases of yarn.... and this is what arrived today.
I like that the yarn samples are colour co-ordinated, so it all looks so nice together, and there is enough to really feel the yarn. The danger is that I will want them ALL. Even I cannot knit a new garment every week.
I also finished the Noro Blossom turtleneck and I think it is one of my favourite finished projects ever. The pattern is in the works and will arrive here in one or two days...
The long weekend was a treat for us. We spent two nights at Peak'n Peak in western NY. The resort is primarily a ski resort, at the base of many slopes and lifts. We had a one bedroom condo, overlooking the lower golf course (hole number 7) and it was quite lovely. We played golf (of course) on the lower and upper course, and the views were spectacular.....
as you can see. We had some great eats and some $1 drafts and watched fireworks, all to celebrate our wedding anniversary! (the fireworks weren't actually for OUR anniversary, that was just a happy coincidence!).

On the drive to the resort and back I started and got half way up the back of the Esprit Seed Rib pullover that is my next design. This yarn is fun to knit since it is cotton (nice to the touch) but has a bit of stretch to it, so the cotton sweater does not stretch out longer and longer, the longer you wear it! (not a big fan of most 100% cotton handknits because of that.)

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cheri said...

I am not necessarily new to knitting haha, but am new to "yarns". Actually I am trying to learn as much as I can about different yarns to be better able to identify the correct yarn/ yarn blend for my projects. I saw your sample idea and thimk that would give me a feel for yarns drape and feel etc. Would you recommend it for this or is there another avenue to learning yarns and their best uses? I look forward to your insight. Have a blessed day!