Monday, June 8, 2009

Wraps and Spindles

At the fibre festival last week, I witnessed some spinning, both with spinning wheels and with the simple drop spindle... So I thought, what would make more sense than creating MORE yarn for my stash by spinning my own!? I found this lovely spindle on etsy at this site: Spindles by Jesh. If I am going to spin, by gosh it will be with the prettiest spindle I could find. It arrived today and I have already done this much... granted it is a bit "thick and thin" but that in itself is a desired yarn type, yes? I have a bundle of multicoloured rovings that I ordered a while back to make lots of thrummed mittens (I did get one pair done before I mastered the technique and moved on....), so I should be able to produce a length of multicoloured chunky thick/thin truly one of a kind yarn!
On another note, I am on the fourth row of my recession luxury wrap, and love this thing so much.

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cheri said...

Okay, as you can probably tell by now I am spendingmy snow-filled daylearning from your blog and admiring both your patterns, and your spunk! I was just looking at the drop spindle and wondered if this would be something I could use for the Darn Good Yarn fiber braides found on this site ( I would really like to help the cause and thought this looked like a new venture for relaxation to help me sleep at night. Any thoughts?