Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday, Rainy Sunday

Almost supper time, and I summarize my rainy day. Finally got to the sewing machine and completed the new little black dress that was in the queue... Simplicity 2580, model B.
I am just attaching the cool mirrored beads to the neckline. This is a sturdy stretch black fabric with fine uneven horizontal ridges that add texture to the plain black.
The yarn on my needles right now is one of my favourites. Colinette Tagliatelli, a wool ribbon that feels springy to the touch and creates a dense fabric, worthy of a spectacular coat, as this one will be. I am designing an oversize, asymmetric front coat... should only take a week on big needles, stay tuned....

At the tent sale I got my hands on 8 skeins of this stuff, all looking the same colour, but on closer inspection I found them to be 4 skeins of Mist and 4 of Gaugin. They are both mostly pink and purple, but Gaugin has an aqua fleck and Mist a bit of denim blue... so I solve the delemma by using 2 balls at once, and knitting 2 rows from one, then 2 rows from the other.... perfect.

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