Sunday, July 5, 2009

Butterfly Halter Top

I fell in love with a vibrant green cotton, Butterfly Super - 10. I just got 2 skeins(125gms) and started a simple tank top.... Halfway up the back I realized that there would not be enough for a tank, so the halter version was developed! (I was on a roll and did not want to stop to drive to Hamilton's Lens Mill Store for one more skein!).
Here it is:
Yarn: 2 Skeins of Butterfly Mercerized Cotton, Super - 10. 125 grams, 230 meters, colour 3722
Needles 4mm
Gauge in lacey rib pattern: 26 sts = 4 inches.(unstretched)
Finished measurement: 30 inches unstretched (but VERY stretchy - goes to 40 inches without too much pull) Size Medium - Large

Lacey Rib Stitch Pattern: Row 1: K2, [P2, K2] repeat across: Row 2: Purl 2, [Yarn over, knit 2 together, Purl 2] repeat to end. Row 3: K2 [ P2, K2] repeat. Row 4: Purl 2, [Knit 2 together, yarn over, Purl 2] repeat to end.

Back: cast on 92 sts, and work in K2, P2 ribbing for 2.5 inches. End with right side row facing.
Change to Lacey Rib Stitch Pattern (above) and work untilack measures 14 inches. Place stitches on a holder.
Front: Work same as back until 14 inches are done. Cast off 4 sts at the start of next 2 rows. Continue to decrease one stitch at each outside edge EVERY RIGHT SIDE row.
AT THE SAME TIME: when length is 16 inches, Cast off CENTER 14 stitches. Working with 2nd ball of yarn, work both sides of the front as follows: Decrease one stitch at each NECK edge on every right side row, 8 times. Then work neck straight.... continue the side front decreases all through this part and continue until only one stitch remains on each half. Fasten off.

Sew side seams. With circular needles, work ribbing for back and side and back of neck: begin at back, rib across the 92 stitches on the holder (k2, p2 ribbing). Pick up 40 sts up the left armhole side front edge, then cast on 32 for the halter band, and pick up 40 down the right armhole front.
Work around in K2, P2 ribbing (increasing or decreasing to make a multiple of 4-and the ribbing even) Rib for one inch, then cast off all sts in ribbing.
Neckline ribbing: Starting at the neck strap: pick up 32 across the back of neck (right side facing you should be knitting in the direction of the inside of the circle that makes the halter.) Pick up 68 stitches evenly spaced around the neck hole, and meet up again at the right shoulder. Rib in K2, P2 for one inch and cast off in ribbing.
Finishing: Since cotton stretches so much I added some inch wide elastic to the back edge (zigzag on my sewing machine.) and I also found a crocheted chain cord, thread through the lacey holes beneath the bustline add shape and makes it stay put.... (see photos)

This should be nice as a bathing suit topper, and I will likely wear it with a wrap skirt to lunch over my suit on my next Resort Trip.

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