Monday, July 13, 2009

No Time to Blog!

I count on rainy days to catch up on my knitting blogging, but this is a quicky on a not rainy monday evening. The days have been cool (for summer) but really nice for golf. The game has been up and down, but I feel good about the basic swing and the driver has been working, and the putter has started to come around.
On the needle update: I got a great skein of hand spun lace weight that has beads thread into it already! I found it at the Fibre Fair last month. Silk, alpaca and mohair in mauve-purple and pearly beads.
I am knitting it on 4mm needles in mostly garter stitch with the occasional yarn over row, dropping the yarn overs on the backside row. Then every 4 inches I add 2 rows of purple ribbon yarn to give it a sturdy striping effect.
On another set of Addi's I have the cotton ribbon from the new shipment, a simple pullover sweater with one row of cable offset up the left side and shaping the neckline.
The new Noro has been swatched and sketched and I am excited about a side to side knit cropped cardigan to be seen in a blog post in the near future!
And I have a fully completed Colinette Tagliatelli Coat to be photographed and documented on the next rainy day... It is pretty cool and has an unusual asymetric front with zigzag button band.. Sort of a Tag-Zag Coat.... that's a cool name.

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