Monday, October 19, 2009

The new Linen cardigan is coming along well. I have finished the lace border that runs around the bottom. The whole front and back are knit in one piece, so it should be nice to not have so many seams at the end. The linen feels a bit stiff, but I understand it gets softer and more drapey after washing. We will see. I have never knit with this before, and I like the feel of it so far.

The other thing that has kept me busy for a few days is a sewing project. I know, this blog is about knitting, but many of you have multi-interests, so you may enjoy walking through this one with me. I wanted to make a winter coat, and challenge myself with the many pieces, finishing details, lining and fitting and all the rusty skills I have not used for a while! The pattern is a great Vogue classic. The fabric is a charcoal grey melton (felted wool) and the lining a pretty patterned print.
The medium length (pictured in red) is my choice.
The buttons I am using are hand made from Moose Antlers, and are all a bit different, beige with a grey streak, and chunky thick. I am trying out some of the features of my new sewing machine, and have designed an embroydered detail to topstitch the collar and the pocket band. The pockets are not in the pattern at all (who makes a coat without pockets???) so I added a band and pockets on the side seams, and duplicated the band as a mock belt on the back, attached with two more Moose buttons.

The fit is good so far, and next I will be working on the lining and finishing details.

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