Monday, October 5, 2009


This is the time of year that all happy knitters' thoughts turn to socks. We finally (sadly) give up our sandals, and our only consolation is that we get to wear handknit socks again. And of course, as we sit knitting in the evening in our comfy chairs with our handknit sock-clad feet up on the ottomans, we realize that we are WAY behind on our sock production, what with the Christmas orders, and our own stash of socks perilously low (what? only 12 pairs? how will I survive the long Canadian winter? and what if I [gasp] get a hole in one of them?).

So we get out the sock needles, and route around in our yarn stash to get started. Here is some sock yarn I dyed last year! A cheerful colour to start out socktoberfest!

The Noro current project is almost done on the back...
and a photo of the basketweave sweater, all finished. I have worn it once already and LOVE the soft touch of Silk Garden!
I also finished altering 5 pairs of pants (take in, reshape, and change hems ), shorted sleeves on one top and finished sewing a dress... all on my new sewing machine. And I started making some quilt top squares. I am getting into the rhythm of the new machine and I think we are going to be good friends!

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Luise said...

Love your entrelac sweater. Until I saw your full blog, I didn't realize how accomplished you are. And I quickly copied the Jitterbug Scarf pattern since J. is a real favorite right now. So glad I happened onto your blog not too long ago.