Saturday, November 28, 2009

Arizona Knitting!

Sorry to step away from the blog for a week, but we were in Arizona, for golf and sun and fun... and although not too much knitting was being done, I did manage to find a lovely yarn shop in Carefree, Arizona. The place is Bonnie's Yarn Crafts, and it is LOADED with lots of yarn and wonderful ladies. They even engaged my hubby in chatter about where we are from and things other than yarn (great instincts on their part!). I found some cool sock yarn ....

Classic Elite Yarns, Alpaca Sox. It feels so soft. Here feel it....

And also Gnocchi, from Lana Grossa, a bobbly yarn for fashion scarves. One ball makes a scarf, so I snagged three! Knit on fat needles, you cast on 4 stitches and knit back and forth until the yarn is done! You only catch the skinny part of the yarn and let the bobbles hang free. Photos to follow really soon, as this is a QUICK knit!
Here is me, looking for my golf ball in the desert... what an amazing place to play golf.The lush green fairways are surrounded by desert and cactus! A cool contrast that never got boring to me!
And of course, the roadrunner made an appearance!

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