Saturday, November 14, 2009

Inukshuk Kit on the Net!

I have been plugging away at Christmas knitting, and the photos will be lacking due to the wow factor of the recipients! No need to spoil the surprises, right?

For those who have thought of making the Inukshuk from this blog, I will again offer the kit on eBay, including the pattern, all the yarn and the pre-cut foam shapes, numbered and ready to knit and assemble. Since the Olympics are only a few months away and the symbol for the Vancouver games is the Inukshuk, I think the time is good for more Inukshuk knitting to be done! To that end, I give you the link to the eBay kit sale, HERE, and the link to the pattern for the Inukshuk doll HERE, and lastly the Inukshuk sweater HERE!
Hope all your Christmas knitting is progressing well, and you manage the stess of the season as best you can. I like to plan ahead, and shop on the net (hate the malls in December). Keep things simple, that's the secret! Remember, life is more about who you spend time with, not what you spend money on! The joy of the hours spent knitting, the rhythm of the needles, the feel of the yarn in your hands, that is the true gift. Your time and your heart. Who would not love hand knit socks after all that. Happy knitting!

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