Thursday, August 19, 2010

Annual Tent Sale - August Version!

My knitting posse and I spent a few glorious hours at the Tent Sale by the Needle Emporium. We arrived just before opening with a game plan... spread out and seek Noro! I had Susan yelling across the church hall ... "found some", and Brenda found some Chunky Silk Garden and I scooped up 10 balls of Matzuri (very rare!). I also had Ruth's yarn stash money in my wallet, and was determined to impress her with her amazing purchases in her absense.
All 50gram balls were $3! Imagine a Noro sweater for $30. It was all too intense.

Here is my haul...

3 Noro sweaters, one Furin, one Silk Garden and one Silk Garden Chunky (20 balls!). One Debbie Bliss Donegan Chunky - enough for a coat. and the bargain of the day... 20 balls of Elsebeth Lavold cable cotton... for (hold your breath) $10! (yes 50 cents a ball!!)

Julie and Beth - you are awesome!

I already have the Cable Cotton on my Addies...

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