Sunday, August 15, 2010

Busy Summer Days

The days fly by and I have had no time to post. This is early Sunday morning, and I have a few minutes over coffee to peck away here, before we gear up for another busy day. Yesterday we had a huge housewarming party for our newlywed-newlygrad daughter and her husband, and let me tell you, no one marinates meat like my hubby! Steak, chicken and huge shrimp all cut into smaller portions, so everyone can sample everything. Mmmm.
Today I have an out of town guest who wants to do a little cross-border shopping as a treat, before she heads home to our capital city. Should be a fun day.
Tomorrow I have declined an offer to golf in favour of unwinding, regrouping and catching up on so sewing projects piling up in my head and on my cutting table!
Again there will be more to show on the sewing blog this week! I do, however have a rather bright sweater in the works, made from the Tagliatelli that came from UK a couple of weeks ago. I will unvail the whole thing shortly. It is a raglan sleeve design, so tentatively named Rag-Tag. I have been on the Colinette site, and it looks to me that Tagliatelli is no longer made :(
This is my favourite yarn from them and I hope they are just taking a break, and will bring it back for winter.
My guest is up so I must get ready to roll.

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My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Happy shopping.
Just another knitter & crocheter peeking in at your projects.
I'll be back to have a looksee. :0)