Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fushia Rag-Tag

I actually finished this a week ago, but took a while to pick buttons, and a while longer to find time to model and photograph the finished cardigan.
This is the raglan design for the Colinette Tagliateli in fushia. It is my favourite yarn, and makes a light but thick cardigan. Today is cool, feeling a bit of fall weather, so the perfect day to sit on the deck modelling the bright rag-tag.

It is a simple knit, designed with Sweater Wizard. This is a super easy knitting softwear program, where you knit a swatch to get precise gauge and plug that information in, along with size and type of sweater you intend to knit. Out pops a simple pattern including estimated yardage requirements. It even has drawings of the pieces with measurements and stitch numbers beside the pieces. You should try it!
I won't post the pattern here, because I think there is not much Tagliateli out there, it seems to be discontinued where I am searching. If there is enough demand, I can post the pattern, but it won't work well with other yarns, Tag' is pretty unique...