Sunday, September 19, 2010

Seriously Awesome

My dear knitting and quilting friends invited me to a stitch-a-thon. Not sure what I was signing up for, I joined in. It was brought about by some truly heroic women, who are going to change the world (or at least a little corner of it!).

Jane is awesome. She and her team had a huge factory underway as I arrived. We were making washable sanitary pads and liner for her trip to Nicaragua in January. We used flannel, waterproof liners and quilt batting... and cut, stacked, stitched, turned, pressed, serged and stacked again... each of us had a different task. I tried the machine sewing of the liners, then did some turning right-side out. We surpassed the goal of the day, and you can read about the adventures HERE.

Stacks of liners ready to sew....

My knitting posse have also promised to make dozens of the preemie caps to take (they will be visiting a hospital) AND we have promised to teach Jane to knit these (she claims to be a beginning knitter-but I have a feeling she'll be a natural) and in turn Jane will teach the women she meets in Nicaragua. She is already planning to teach them quilting, but feels they may want another project to do when they have their (frequent) power failures!
Oh Oh, Ruth is missing a tiara....
There, that's better....Me with some Preemie Caps ready to go...

The amazing Jane...
I will try to post information where you can donate to this effort, or you can email me directly if you would like to help ($ or knitwear?)

See the note? It says 90 in here! We made over 150 with lots of extra liners!


My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

I remember my mom saying she made her own sanitary napkins and washed them out.
Never realized that other countries might still be doing this.
It's a wonderful thing you all are doing.
Hope awareness spreads and more is done to help with things we take for granted.

PP said...

Nice work Shish! Helping those 'round the world with your knittin' and sewin' - AWESOME!
Please pass along the info for donations!