Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rainy, knitty, Sunday

Instead of golfing today, I chose to stay in and sew and knit. It was windy and cold and steady rain all day. Not the best outdoor day.

I started with some bridesmaid dress alterations... shortened the hemline by 5 inches, all three layers, then took the bodice in one size. One down, four more to go.

Then I took a break and met up with my daughter for some rainy day shopping! Fun.

I also did a wedding dress fitting, and worked on several inches of my knitted lace top.

Luckily there was a great golf tournament on TV, and I was entertained for a few hours with the shifting leader board.

Not a very exciting blog page, but I got a lot done, and hopefully will have more interesting stuff to show you soon!

I will leave the blog with this knitting pattern I just found (I can't believe I missed it up until now!) No one needs eyeballs in their homes more than we do! I think I should teach the Docs how to juggle them... we could have great family dinners entertained by the Juggling Docs. :)

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