Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thought you may like to see what's on my needles now. I have a lovely linen blend in chocolate brown, that I thought may be nice in a lacy summer top. I chose the parachute top (image 26) from Vogue Knitting Early Fall 2010. I am captivated by the over sized sheer tops worn over slim tanks. It reminds me a bit of my youthful days in the eighties... just don't bring back the permed big hair, ok?

The linen is a bit crispy, and the swatch I made (photographed on the cover) set really well into the lace and does not collapse on the holes, so I think it will hold the pattern well. My gauge was bang on the pattern gauge, and although it doesn't matter to be exact on this oversize shape, it is still good to know that your yarn is close to target.

Here is the first piece so far....

And I also have had fun capturing photos of the new baby bird. She likes to sit on the beak of my wood and metal heron....

And she likes to nap on hubby's woolly socks (while he is napping too).

so sweet!

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