Sunday, July 17, 2011

Numbers for the Wood Hoods

I receive most of my emails and comments about my Wood Hood pattern. (Interesting that it was my FIRST published pattern and the reason that I started posting patterns in the first place... I KNEW it was a good pattern!) The most common question has to do with the numbers sewn to the top of the fuzzy hood. I usually answer that I found them at Michaels (embroydered patch section). I now find they do not carry them anymore. Since I also suggested making them from felt yourself, I have decided to do a photo tutorial of how to make them!

First photo is a close up of the top of the golf club cover (the hood) before it is hot washed twice to felt it smaller and thicker.... what you notice is that the wool stitches are really obvious and the fuzz seams thin and sparse compared to the after felting shot of the covers... the wool WILL shrink and matt and push all the fuzz outside during the wash. Trust it and shrink it!

I also made these new head covers with stripes in the sock part, to match the numbers on top. Some of my email writers have said that works well too, if you choose not to use numbers! (photos further down show the stripes.) I use a driver and 4, 7, and 9 woods... so here is the set up.... I used regular felt in gold and STIFF felt in white. You can find these at any craft store. Layer soft over stiff (choose colours that contrast your fun fur and match your bag!) Draw in pencil first then fine marker, numbers that are about 1.25 inches tall.

On a sewing machine, trace the lines with small stitches and matching thread. (you could also cut them and glue them onto the stiff white background, but I think the stitches make it look better.

Cut between each number and with fine scissors, trim about .25 inches from the stitching through the TOP LAYER ONLY.

Now trim about .25 inches away from the gold number through the white felt....

There are your numbers! I have laid them on the covers that match. I have a very old and loved Eeyore head cover that I use for my 4 wood, so he will get a patch sewn to his ear! Notice the stripes on the other covers.

Sew the numbers through the white stiff felt only.

Here they are on my clubs....


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