Monday, July 4, 2011

Really soon now...

I finally got the cardigan finished, and put the buttons on and went outside to take the photos... I am just about ready to post the pattern now. I need to spend an hour or so typing and editing my chicken scratch notes into a comprehensible pattern! Maybe this evening...stay tuned! By the way, I am looking towards the morning sun and it is already over 23C / 74F on the way to 29/83. Really too warm for such a wooly thick sweater! But I DO love summer makeup, sunglasses and lip gloss! I am standing in front of our tomato and snow pea patio garden. We have already had lots of peas and a few cherry tomatoes! I love summer!

The second photo is some knitted earrings. They are knit with HABU stainless steel in shiny black. I will also post this easy pattern, which is knit in a rectangle, then squished through some beads, before stretching out into interesting shapes (these shapes hold because of the steel)

Now I am off to the sewing room for a bit of sewing... check the other side (upper right square link) to see what I have been sewing.

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