Monday, November 5, 2012

I need my Knitting Community....

As you all know, I started to write my blog for me... but the wonderful thing is that I also write it for YOU now.  I have pledged to write more patterns with more sizes, I answer all my emails and comments and have hand held (electronically) more than a few knitters through my patterns over the years.  What do I get?  I get enormous joy from the emails and comments, and I get inspired to try new and better things!  For that I thank you.
At this entry I would love your indulgence.  What I am looking for is for each of you to consider your family and friends ( or even yourselves) and find ONE person who loves action video games.  I would ask you to have them download POLARA.  It is available for Android or Ipad/ Ipod/ Iphone.  This game is a fast paced game, with no blood or gore, just lots of fun and thrills.

 There is a great story behind it and has lots of amazing reviews already.  Here's just one.
So why am I asking you to do this thing for me?  This is my Son's baby.  He came up with the concept, and worked out the program, and with the help two other guys, who did the wonderful graphics and the marketing, brought this game to life after almost two years of working full time!!! The only way this will pay off is if people download it and play it and like it and pass the word on!

So please, for me, find someone that games, and make this happen.  Love you all!

Oh, and hit the poll button in the top right... I would LOVE to hear that you are with me!


luvmyferretz said...

I'm on it!! I have 7 other friends who game so I will pass this on :-)

I love your blog and all of your patterns. Very nice work!

chris said...

You are so totally freeking awesome!
Thank you thank you thank you...
enjoy the game!