Friday, November 30, 2012

Honing the Felting Techniques.... Cowls

I have been busy with gift knitting, but also have gone a bit nuts with the felting...

 I really like the spiky cowls.  They finish with a button or two under the chin, and really stay put.  Light weight, warm and cool at the same time!
 These are more black than the photos show in this light.
 Most compliments have come from the plum and orange spikey... with blasts of silk.
 The next two are longer wrapping scarves with holes and spikes and embellishments.

 The blue one has large silk fabric pieces, felted into it, and when it felted, the silk popped out in billows of ruffles, really cute.
 The greedn has silk backing (nuno-felting) with patches and buttons.
 The last one is black silk with only a bit of dense felting. A really bubbly effect.
My friends and I will be very warm this winter.   :)

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