Sunday, December 16, 2012

On a steady pace

I have been chugging along with my Christmas gift quests... Knitting, sewing, shopping.  I am pleased that most of my shopping has been accomplished on-line, and the gals at work have seen a steady flow of packages delivered to the office.  I hate crowds.  The Internet is the single most convenient device that has made my life easy.  I think of a gift... I research the availability, price, options, patterns, colours, shipping methods... all from the comfort of my desk chair.  Life is good.

 Here is just one of the many socks....
 This is an almost-done sweater in red silk.  A new pattern soon to be posted in several sizes (yay) and knit with minimal seams!  Get your circular needles out, folks, here is comes.  (in a week or so after the rush has settled and the chocolates and wine have gone!)
For now, you get a peak at the tree.  I finally squeezed out the time to put it up.  Not bad, over a week before the big day.  I have about 50 nutcrackers on my tree like the little red guy in the photo.  They make me very happy.

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