Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Happy Easter... I have some extra folks in the house, visiting for Easter. My aunt from Ottawa, who knits mostly fine yarns on 3mm needles. She has great knitting patience. This trip she brought a simple diagonal scarf in the softest teal wool, snagged from her stash.

We also have my sister from Winnipeg, who brought some delightful Easter goodies, and from her bag out came the Inukshuk, sent to her on her birthday. She claimed she did not want to lose her way while visiting. She also brought her knitting and finished a sleeve of a Ram Wool Coat. I was knitting the stainless steel scarf, as it is easy stocking stitch, and I can chat with everyone and not worry about the pattern.

Short post, as we have more chocolate, more wine and more knitting to do today.


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