Saturday, March 1, 2008

Socks, and new Yarn-Bamboo!

I am almost done the current sock project. It is mega boot stretch, a nice soft, stretchy yarn from Lana Grossa. It is 70% wool, 23% polymide and 7% elite (stretch). I tend to do most of my sock knitting at appointments, on car trips and at work (at lunchtime only of course - NOT during working hours.... really....)

Some nice new yarn came in the mail from Elann. I got a few balls of Superwash Bamboo. 65% superwash wool and 35% bamboo, it is a new house yarn from elann. I ordered it in Claret (red) and it looks great, but then elann emailed that they pulled stock due to uneven dying of that colour, and hoped I would accept a FULL refund for the yarn (and keep the yarn too). I was impressed by that and let them know, and inspected the yarn, but it looks fine to me. I will use it for the buttoned, fitted vest that I have planned and will see if the colour is a problem.

I am on the final sleeve of the Silk Garden cabled pullover. Lots of knitting time available this weekend as no one is visiting, and no big plans to go out.... a perfect weekend!

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