Sunday, March 21, 2010


I have had a major distraction from knitting and sewing over the last couple of weeks. Today I was hosting a bridal shower for my dear daughter, and there were lots of details and tasks and plans and emails... this afternoon it went over without a hitch. Robin's friends are so wonderful, and my friends are so special to me I cannot even put it into words. Thank you all (I know you read this!)
I am exhausted and happy, and spent the evening finishing the hem of the wedding dress. This too makes one more major task DONE. Tomorrow I knit and relax (after my Y workout and after a day of work....) life goes on.
I have some new yarn, some from Elann by way of Canada Post, and some from New Zealand by way of Jane, who traveled there in February. Photos and plans for the yarn will come soon, but for now I am tired and will sleep...
good night

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crazycrafter said...

Good night! Enjoy your winding-down-and-knitting-time!
Hannah, age 12