Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Yarn in the Mail (again)

As promised, the mail order yarn that arrived last week! It was still in the box, and I did not even have time to unpack it, and touch it and dream of all the wonderful things that it could become! The first is a 50/50 cotton/linen. I had so much fun knitting the linen cardigan in the fall, I thought I may like the cotton mix. It definately feels more like cotton than linen, but I will know better after swatching it how it will handle. This one will be a tank top (if it knits smooth and not too stiff) or a lacy shawl or cover up if it is too thick for the top.... I will keep you posted.

The second yarn is hand dyed chunky mohair. 100 gram skeins with huge yardage, just three will make a light weight spring jacket. The middle skein seems a bit different dye lot than the other two, so I will have to work two balls at a time and alternate 4 rows of main dye colour and 2 rows of odd ball. This should work out fine for an overall similar dye effect to the whole coat.
The colours (by accident) match really well, so the tank top could be worn under the jacket and look really cool and co-ordinated! (not at all like me, but there's hope I guess!)

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crazycrafter said...

YUM! I LOVE the mohair in the last picture! Pitty, vewy pitty!